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Denbright provides high-end esthetics and exceptional service with a focus on digital solutions.

Implant Services

Several members of the Denbright team have actively been involved with restoring dental implants since the 90s. Working closely with implant companies, dental schools, restorative clinicians as well as surgeons, the combined knowledge within this group helps the Denbright customer restore these often-complex cases with a very predictable outcome. Several of the Denbright team members are currently KOL and accredited presenters for multiple US based implant companies and therefore stay abreast with the latest technologies and workflows.

Digital Dentures

Digital dentures have become the next frontier in dentistry, and although off to a rocky start, the latest materials and design software have again revitalized this solution.

The advantages of restoring a removable prosthesis with a digital workflow are immeasurable. Since the introduction of advanced smart polymers to support the design software, there is again an excitement around restoring the edentulous arch.

  • Digitally archived:
  • 2 clinical appointment deliveries
  • “No repair” denture replacement
  • “No reline” denture replacement
  • 48-hour lost denture replacement

All-on-X and Hybrid Cases

Initial workflows were unpredictable and restoring a hybrid was a daunting task, often requiring five or more appointments. Technology has transformed the way we restore these hybrids, making this protocol one of the most predictable in a clinician’s arsenal. In the past, material options were limited to denture teeth wrapped with acrylic over a titanium frame or weak and unaesthetic zirconia. Today the Denbright group is renowned for their world class esthetics shown on many stages across the US. This artistry is created by utilizing new-world multi-layer, high strength, high translucent zirconia base materials finalized with products like MiYO liquid ceramics for a superior, monolithic, strong and highly esthetic result.

Guided Surgery Workflows

Over the last decade, there has been an exponential increase in patient awareness and demand for these types of cases. Many articles address the restorative value of prosthetically driven surgical plans combined with guided surgery and a latched conversion process. Denbright offers a fully comprehensive solution to treating these complex cases with predictable outcomes. True predictability is the result of a well-planned diagnostically driven case.

World Class Veneers

At Denbright our world-class veneers are fabricated by some of the most well-known artists from Jason Kim Dental on the east coast as well as Frontier Dental on the west coast. These artists supply this specialty service to the Denbright lab partners and have a rich history and are known for their superior level of aesthetics and consistency. It is our value-added services and ability to sequence, diagnose and treat all types of restorative cases in conjunction with our clinical partners that sets us apart.

Crown and Bridge

At Denbright, our lab partners understand the life-changing results that even the smallest case can bring to a patient! Therefore, we have a special team of technicians dedicated to processing these single unit cases. Our team spares no expense and utilizes only state-of-the-art technologies, supported by the best modern-day materials, to produce not only esthetically pleasing but also functionally superior prosthetics!

Digital Nightguard and Sports Guards

Digitally designed and Carbon printed from 21st century polymers using digital light synthesis, these products usher in a new generation of night-and sport guard fabrication. Processed in a full digital workflow, from an intra-oral scan and digitally archived for “no appointment remakes” this product line is helping our clinicians create more profitability by saving precious chair-time.

Diagnostic Design and Remote Review

Digital design and remote collaboration are considered by many clinicians as the most valuable tool in the modern-day restorative teams’ arsenal. Digital diagnostic design and remote review of surgical, as well as complex cases allows a Denbright clinician the ability to restore a case in a digital format before deciding on a restorative path. When a proposed digital diagnostic plan is complete the plan is reviewed via a secured internet link in collaboration with the surgical or restorative technician. Any changes are made in real-time before the case is sent for fabrication of the surgical guides, temporary crowns or prototype.

Friction Fit Dentures

A friction-fit retention system creates a hybrid implant supported/retained system making it very functional and fulcrum adverse in cases with a shallow A/P spread. This is an advantage in cases where implant placement would normally cause detaching of clip retention systems. This system can be processed with or without a vestibule and does not require a palate for stability. It is available on most popular internally hexed implant systems and only requires a minimum of four implants per arch.

Locator Fixed or Clip Dentures

Using a digital approach to Locator supported dentures the Denbright team makes the restorative process predictable and efficient for their clinicians. Utilizing a printed denture technique to fabricate the clip denture, the receptacle areas for the pick-up housings are pre-made, greatly reducing the chair-time required to process these cases. As part of the original launch team, we can also assist clinicians with workflow questions regarding the new and very exciting Locator Fixed option.

Study-Club and Lunch & Learns

The Denbright team is made up of multiple CE accredited speakers who frequently present at CE events and conferences across the US. Our focus at Denbright is to support our clinicians and their teams with world class education and increased adoption of digital processes and workflows. These clinical CE meetings are offered to Denbright customers and held remotely as a lunch and learn or in-person for larger study-club groups. Digital dentures, night and sport guards, restoring a full-arch hybrid from diagnostic planning to surgery to final delivery, Friction-fit denture systems, model-less full arch processes and many more topics. Call us today to learn more about these educational opportunities.

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