Comprehensive Dental Lab Solutions

With an emphasis on digitally driven workflows, Denbright Dental Labs specialize in helping the modern-day clinician identify, understand and implement digitally driven prosthetics and surgical solutions. Our network of independently operated labs span coast to coast, ensuring that dentists receive state-of-the-art products and services.

Serving discerning clinicians across the US and Europe

The Denbright group believes a modern-day dental lab must be more than just a full-service lab to their customers.

Our focus is providing our clinicians with digital solutions to help restore even the most complex case.

With 7 founding laboratories operating out of more than 15 locations across the US and Canada Denbright Dental Labs offers one of the broadest digitally driven dental product lines and services in North America. We provide high-end dental prosthetics to world-class prosthodontists, cosmetic and general dentists. Our NavaGation team specializes in surgical guides, latched all-on-x and guided workflow solutions to a broad range of surgeons and dental schools across the country.

Enhancing Workflows with Advanced Technology

Cutting-Edge Digital Dental Solutions

Denbright Dental Labs remain at the forefront of dental innovation and are laser focused on digital workflow optimization for their customers. This vision is supported using 21st century additive and reductive fabrication techniques. Denbright provides high quality, esthetically driven prosthetics through the use of today’s advanced materials. We invite our customers to tour one of our facilities to experience these advanced technologies for themselves!

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